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Through focused readings of contemporary classics, Madeline Beach Carey’s On Writing Home provided me with a structured space to reflect on my own work. I came away from the course feeling inspired and ready to explore new creative ground.

In a positive and encouraging environment, all contributions on the texts or on other course members’ writing were valued. The material for close reading was wideranging, thoughtprovoking and certainly evidenced the different approaches and styles that may be taken in “writing home.”  Madeline’s detailed critiques of my own writing revealed her editorial skills.

“Certain Uses of Twilight” was a joy. I was introduced to new texts, concepts, and friends for our journey together. The Space Between that Madeline created was fertile with spiritual and literary growth.

This was uncharted territory for me, a workshop using “womb experiences” as its motif.  It was a very positive experience.  Madeline has impressive teacher/facilitator skills and we (the Zoom participants) all gained in empowerment and “care for others.” The short writing exercises were challenging and fruitful.  5-star recommendation.


Certain Uses of Twilight: Using Accidents To Write a Better Story

Birth is so often the end of the narrative arc in what we call “women’s writing.” The turmoil of early adulthood is somehow solved with the arrival of a child. This workshop explores the potential of writing about all sorts of other womb experiences (infertility, endometriosis, miscarriage, abortion, stillbirth, hysterectomy).

Our readings will jump around from prose to poetry, memoir to prayer.

While poets are more than welcome to join, we will be workshopping prose pieces between 2000 and 3000 words. These pieces can form part of a larger work of fiction or non-fiction or be stand-alone stories or essays.

Over the four weeks of the course we will use the accidental and the ambiguous as a force for creativity, moving beyond more traditional ideas about arc and plot, about beginnings and ends.

July sessions are fully booked. Please contact Madeline if you’d be interested in applying for fall 2021.

125 € per person.

On Writing Home at Irish Writers Centre

This workshop is designed for people writing about their home country while living—or having lived—far from their place of birth or the place they call home.

Participants can be starting or fine-tuning prose projects including memoir, personal essay, or fiction.

Next session begins Monday, September 6th register here

For Lack of a Better Word: Foreign Language in Fiction

This craft course explores how writers working in English have used foreign language in their fiction. We shall discuss what learning a new language means to a writer, what not understanding a language means to us when language is our very tool for interpreting the world, and, perhaps most interestingly, what adopting a new language for living does to one’s writing in his or her native tongue.

January 2021 sessions fully booked.

Next session runs Mondays in June 2021 at 7:30 pm CET

100 € per person   

Please apply by May 15. Contact Madeline for details about applying.

For one-on-one manuscript mentoring, contact Madeline here.

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