Short-story collection:
Other People’s Daughters
These twelve stories explore the dynamics between men, women and other people’s children. A young girl in Andalusia seeks refuge in the arms of an Irish houseguest. An American photographer has a brief encounter with the daughter of a friend long dead. In a medieval village in the North of Spain a woman learns, all at once, how to drive and how to maneuver her stepdaughter. In a booming Barcelona, an Argentine masseuse navigates his grief after a failed experiment with Fertility Awareness Method.
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Novella: On the Flight Patterns of Some Exotic Birds 
The year is 2021. Irene, born in Oaxaca, Mexico, lives in Baltimore with her husband and two daughters. The story of how she came to live in this American city is a strange, complicated one told in crystalline fragments. Irene’s is a story about love and betrayal, about youth, about hours spent training in bright blue swimming pools, about the ways we react to grief and how those reactions coincide and multiply over time and distance.
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Memoir: Catalonia, A Heartbreak.
Catalonia, A Heartbreak frames the Catalan referendum on independence within the European and global context of increasing economic precarity and the rise of new nationalisms. Political and sociological observations intertwine with a more intimate story about a culture, a literature, marriage, and psychogeography. The book, a gentle exercise in mourning, asks what it means to belong and what politics and policy can do with that longing.
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